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  • Since 1997 Mike CLIP Payne has been content to keep the 420 Funk Mob the "Off Days" project he would put together on the few breaks from his day job as Front Man/MC for George Clinton & Parliament/Funkadelic as just a sideline. A chance to highlight his solo works as well as collaborate with some current/ former members of Parliament/Funkadelic along with an all star MOB of musician friends that reads like a Whose Who list of legendary performers and up and coming artists united by their dedication to groove. The 420 Funk Mob is a band that cuts across all musical boundaries with a blistering attack of Funk, Soul, straight up Jammin and smokin' Psychedelic Rock N Roll.
  • The 420 Funk Mob has always been a "Special Event" Band. Since Clips "Day Job" made taking the band on extented tours was impossible. Instead it was decided to only do "High Profile" Events, Festivals or Club gigs. Never more than three or four dates in a run. Always switching up not only the song list but the BAND as well. The Gigs have been legendary. The Reviews have been spectacular.."A cross between a Spunky Grateful Dead and Jimi Hendrix Style Jam Session.. Psychedelic Soul and Rock N Roll....Jambase.com called the band "the Full Blown Return to the Pedro Bell era of Funkadelic Glory Over the years the band has earned "Cult" status inside the P-Funk Univers.
  • .You never know what may happen at a 420FM show. Who may show up as part of the band. What songs are they going to play? Who might be the nights special guests? Even the make up of the band can change. The 420FM has been everything from a striped down 6 piece Psychedelic Funk Rock Band to an 18 piece Funkestra with horns, strings, four or five guitar players and assorted background singers.
  • Sometimes the 420 Funk Mob brings in some Outside talent from all across the musical spectrum for special "Hits." Icons like George Clinton, Fred Wesley from the JB's, Jazzman Stanley Jordan, Meters founder Leo Nocentelli,, Stokholm Syndrome's Eric McFadden, Violinist Lili Haydn and the Bad Brains founders Dr. Know and Daryl Jenifer. International artists like French Pop Star Matthew"M" Chedid, Super Discounts Alex Gopher and Etienne DeCrecy. Diverse atists like DJ Logic, or the MuzikMafia's Jon Nicholson, James Otto, Shannon Lawson and Jerry Navarro all have Mobbed Up. The 420FM A handpicked crew from an international gang of musicians.
  • The 420 FM began making history right from the start. The bands first and second shows sold out New York City's TRAMPS in a matter of hours. The 420FM International crew were the featured musical guests on the Canal + celebration of France’s World Cup victory. A cable and satellite TV special that was viewed by over ten million people across Europe.
  • Legendary Funk pioneer George Clinton had his first 420 experience in 2001 at New York’s historic club Wetlands. When the Press asked George about his first appearance with the 420 Funk Mob all he could do was smile. “It was like 1969 all over again.” Since that day 420FM became George’s “Other Band” that he sits in with regularly where he gets to just let it all go, be one of the band and have some straight up fun.
  • The 420 Funk Mob is the only unsigned band ever picked to be the official ESPN/NFL Tailgate Party Band at the Super Bowl. The first Super Bowl after the Janet Jackson and Justin TImberlake "incident", Super Bowl 39, the band appeared under the politically correct banner “Wefunk FM” on a stage set up in the stadium parking lot. The band was joined by special guests George Clinton, Sativa, and the MuzikMafia's Jon "King" Nicholson and Jerry Navarro. The band had the honor of sharing the Entertainment duties that night with Gretchen Wilson, Alicia Keys and Paul McCartney.
  • The 420 Funk Mob's European concert debut at the Chillen Drone Festival was simulcast on Radio and Television in Spain as part of Spainsh National Radio 3's 25th Birthday Party. They also were inteviewed and filmed for MTV Europe.
  • In Germany the 420FM with special guests George Clinton, Fred Wesley, Kid Funkadelic and Kendra Foster were joined by label mates DRUGS to headline the Audiosoul Festival. A music and media festival that took place in the courtyard of the famed Heidelberg Schloss. The 1200 year old Castle ruins that during the day are Europe’s third largest tourist attraction.
  • The Funk Mob have also been showcased at the legendary CMJ Conference in New York.
  • The 420 Funk Mob were the first band to perform live on Sirius Satellite Radio’s first day of world wide internet broadcasting on Halloween in 2006.
  • 420FM featuring Rx and George Clinton did the first Rock to Save Darfur Concert in New York City at theCenter for Ethical Culture. The were joined by Agnostic Front and Women of the Calabash for a night of music that the critics called "a tour de force. The 420 Funk Mob featuring Rx and special guest George Clinton had the crowd on their feet dancin while bringing awarness to a very sad situation in Darfur. Money raised for the show was used to free slaves that have been captured in the fighting.
  • 420FM has released two critically acclaimed albums from the WEFUNK Ad2K Live Concert archives. The first “Live on the Off Days” features performances from the bands very first show at Tramps in 1997 thru their sold out shows at Welands in 2001. The double cd showcases the bands revolving line up featuring apparances by Bad Brains Dr. Know and Daryl Jennifer, Jazzman Stanley Jordan, and Pfunk’s Mike Kidd Funkadelic Hampton, Shelia “Amuka” Horn and Andre Foxxe.
  • The release of their second album "Alive in Spain" prompted Jambase.com to call the 420FM “a band determined to build on the legacy of George Clinton... if not the full blown return to the Pedro Bell era of Funkadelic glory". The three cd set features the band as a 21 piece Funkestra that included special guests George Clinton, Garry Starchild Shider, Violinist Lili Hayden (Herbie Hancock), Drummer Zach Alford (B52's, Gwen Stefani) the Wefunk Horns Shane Kirsch and Dean Jones.
  • 420 Funk Mob's East and West Coast dates in 2009 left the promoters and road crew standing around with their mouths open in awe, and the audience on their feet . " Pleeeeze....You gotta come back and do an encore or they're gonna tear my place apart." one promoter pleaded with the band last tour. The live album "Screamin for More" features performances from The Mateel Center in California, Bearsville Theater in Woodstock NY and The Asylym in Portland Maine.
  • In 2011 the band was High Times Magazine choice to headline the first High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in America in Detroit.
  • In 2012 the band did a surprise Valentines show in the Boston area to celebrate George Clinton's doctorate presentation at the Berklee School of Music. The tiny club was packed to capacity as the band broke out a set of Funkadelic classics including some amazing Sly Stone, Neil Young, and Beatles covers.
  • 420FM broke down after more than 10 years decided to go to the West Coast to turn out their fans who have been clamoring for some shows since 1997. Clip relented so the band took flight for the "20 Dolla Holla Tour," performing at The Mint in LA, theRed Fox Tavern in the Heart of California's Green Triangle on 4/20 and finishing it up at Bob Weir's Sweeetwater Music Hall. Along the way they were joined by George Clinton, Treylewd Clinton, Bride of Funkenstein Shelia Horn Brody, Norwood Fisher from Fishbone, Lonnie Marshal from Weapon of Choice, Louie Resto EMINEM's collaborator, and RonKat Spearman of Parliament/Funkadelic
  • The 420 Funk Mob will be taking it to the road for a special series of show in the Spring of 2014 in support of the bands long awaited original studio album "The Emperor Has No Clones."
  • The 420 Funk Mob...Whatever it takes, Whatever the Party calls for.
  • Dedicated to the Preservation and the Motivation of Hips!
  • For Booking call: 845 270 3332





Band Members

Lead Vocals/MC
Mike Clip Payne

Bass Players
Lige Curry (Funkadelic)
Billy Bass Nelson (Funkadelic)
Skeet Curtis (Maceo Parker, Pfunk)
Fred Cash Jr (Big Lovely)
Derrik Davis (Original P)

Guitar Players
Mike Kidd Funkadelic Hampton (Funkadelic)

Garry Starchild Shider (Funkadelic)
Rickey Rouse (Parliament/Funkadelic)
Ted Orr (Blob)
Adam Widoff (Lenny Kravitz)
Ron Priest Smith (The Spinners)
Jeremy Bernstein (Stoney Clove)
The Flash (The Woo Warriors)
Eric McFadden (Stolkhom Syndrom)
Jen Leigh (Kelis)
Joey Eppard (3)

Gabe Gonzalez (P-Funk)
Zach Alford (B52s, Gwen Stefani)
Chicken Burke (Big Lovely)
Gartdrum (3)

Richie Shakin Nagan

Danny Bedrosian (Pfunk)
Peter Keys (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
Greg Fitz (Bootsy's Collins)
Ross Rice (Voodelic)

The LAW (Amy Winehouse)
Avalon (Naked)
Kendra Foster (Pfunk)
Garry Starchild Shider (Pfunk)
Rock Attack 10 (Gotcha)

Greg Thomas (Parliament)
Bennie Cowens (Parliament)
Paul Henderson (Karl Berger)
Dave Cast (Karl Berger)
Dean Jones (Dog with Fleas)
Shane Kirsch
(Fuzzy Flow)


Special guests:
George Clinton (Funkadelic)
Fred Wesley (Horny Horns, JB's)
Dr. Know (Bad Brains)
Daryl Jenifer (Bad Brains)
Leo Nocentelli (Meters)
James Otto (MuzikMafia)
Shannon Lawson (MuzikMafia)
Jon Nicholson (MuzikMafia)
Badal Roy (Miles Davis)
Lili Hayden (Herbie Hancock)
DJ Logic
Stanley Jordan

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