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You can see George Clinton & Parliament/Funkadelic almost any month somewhere in the United States or Europe. So when P-Funk Frontman Mike Clip Payne gets the 420 Funk Mob together it's not just a concert it's an EVENT. The band turns down more shows than they take. It's been that way since their first sold out show at TRAMPS NYC in 1997 and contines that way in 2012. The band has a reputation as the"Pfunk version of the Garcia Band" that has given them cult status in the Pfunk world since 1997. Now their psychedelic funk rock attack has spilled over into the jam band scene with appearances at events like NY Harvest Festival, Universal Church of Love & Music, the Mateel Summer Music Festival in Humboldt County and most recently the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup.

The 420 Funk Mob features an allstar cast of musicians from inside and outside the world of Parliament Funkadelic. The band can be an 8 piece power Psychedlic Funk Rock band or a 23 piece Funkestra featuring horns, background singers and strings. You never know who is gonna show up or what the band is going to do. Past mob members read like a Who's Who of legendary and Up and Coming performers. Garry Shider, George Clinton,Mike Kidd Funkadelic Hampton, Lige Cury, Fred Wesley, Stanley Jordan,Leo Neocentelli from the Meters,James Otto, Shannon Lawson and Jon Nicholson from the MuzikMafia, Eric McFadden, Zach Alford to name just a few. Check out the EPK for the complete list.

The 420 Funk Mob has had quite a lot of "Firsts" in their carrer.
420FM's first show at the legendary Tramps in New York City Sold Out in Minutes.
The band first TV appearance on Canal+ was viewed by over 10 million households.
Their first European Concert appearance at the Chillen Drone Festival was simulcast on TV and Radio throught Europe on Spanish National Radio 3
The 420FM are the FIRST and ONLY unsigned band to play the Super Bowl appearing as the official ESPN/NFL Tailgate Party Band at Super Bowl 39.
420 Funk Mob and it's label mate DRUGS were the first bands to be Broadcast Live on Sirius Satellite Radio's first day of world wide web casting.
420 Funk Mob Headlined the very First High Times Medical Marijuana Cup in America on Sat Oct 15 2011in Detroit

"What began as a side trip for Parliament-Funkadelic’s Michael “Clip” Payne has evolved into one of the most versatile jam bands around, a Family Stone-meets-The-Dead vehicle that frees your mind -- so that your ass, of course, can follow. Some of the finest original funk this side of Sly Stone, Larry Graham and the Godfather of Soul. The 420 Funk Mob melds that sound with some Sixties psychedelia, a bit of Sun Ra "arkestration," and even a little soft rock, performed by a revolving cast of former P-Funk members and masterful musician friends. Jam after jam, style after style, they sync up. One collective under a frequently hypnotic groove" Jerry Demarco

The 420 Funk Mob opened up the year with a special Valentines Day party at the Spotlight Tavern in Beverly Mass on P Funks off days in Boston while George Clinton's Berkeley Doctorate Celebrations were going on. . The sold out crowd crushed the stage as the band tore through an incredible set of Funkadelic, Pfunk All Star, Parliament and Sly Stone Classics. To everybodys Surprise the Dr. Funkenstein aka George Clinton showed up and hung out with the crowd most of the night before jumping up on stage for a couple of tunes
halfway through the show. The band followed it up with a special end of tour hometown show at the Bearsville Theater in Woodstock. With just two days notice an almost sold out crowd danced the night away to a very special 420 Funk Mob set with a band that was basically Funkadelic.

OIIn April Clip agreed to do 420 Funk Mob's first dates in California since the band was formed in 1997. A three night run in California with shows at The Mint in LA, Sweetwater Music Hall in Mill Valley and the reason for the trip the 4/20 show at the Red Fox Tavern in Eureka in the Heart of the Green Triangle. They were joined by a whole cast of friends who jumped up onstage different nights to "sit in where they fit in". George Clinton, Treylewd, Norwood Fisher, Lonnie Marshal, Shelia Horn, Starr Cullers, Ronkat Spearman and a special backstage hit and run by Leo Neocentelli of the Meters. Jerry Harrison of the Talking Heads, Photographer Bob Minkin, Lou Resto EMINEM collaborator, were among the star filled crowd who turned out for the bands California debut, where band broke out an entire sets worth of new material over the three day run

Check out the Live Stream of the 420 Funk Mob lates show at ClouD9 in Berkeley CA. The band took it to the stage at this hot new undergound venue before the three day P-Funk stand at Yoshi's. Don't miss this Classic Funkadelic set. 420 Funk Mob ClouD9 3/26/13 Livestream Recording .The ban

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